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zu Sonn- und Feiertagsarbeit

Erarbeitet von der Allianz für den freien Sonntag





Fotoworkshop: Im Fokus Sonntagsarbeit in Wien

Photoworkshop: Focus on Sundaywork in Vienna
17-23 May 2012, Kardinal Koenig Haus, Vienna

Participants and content:
16 participants from 8 countries got information about the “Free Sunday” movement in Austria and in Europe. Discussion in small groups and in the plenary followed.
Technical knowledge how to take photos of Sunday workers, how to get into contact with them, what should be focused in certain scenes was provided by two professional photographers.

Side programme:
A guided tour through the center of Vienna (from Parliament through the first district to the Jewish holocaust memorial) with focus on women’s history.
Visits at Heurigen and other typical Viennese restaurants.


Sundaywork in Vienna:
The workshop participants went to various places, where the directors beforehand accepted that photos of workers can be taken (hospital, firemen, police, restaurants, public transport – tram, hotel, soup kitchen for homeless adults, orphanage, sports location, etc.), but they asked also people spontaneously in the streets or in shops if they would allow to be photographed.
On Monday a selection of the photos was edited and sent to a photo labour.
On Tuesday the exhibition was prepared at the conference venue.
During the days a participant volunteered to make a video of the participants, telling which photo they had chosen and why.
This video was shown at the start of the vernissage to the public.
And it was part of the exhibition for visitors who could watch it at a monitor.
A speaker of the trade unions and a church representant opened the exhibition.
The exhibition was open for the public from 22 May until 20 June 2012. In the upcoming months it will go to Salzburg, Germany (Herzogenrath and Colon) and to some other places in the countries where the workshop participants came from.

The public relations department of ksoe supported the workshop, so it was well perceived by public media such as Wien heute (TV), Religion aktuell (Ö1, Radio) and Ö3 Radio.
Some magazines also brought an article about the exhibition and groups from trade union and others were guided through the exhibition by the workshop coordinator.

Comment of the workshop participants and of exhibition visitors:
“I did not know that it needs so many Sunday workers to provide a free Sunday for the majority of the society.”

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